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Mountain Biking in Mazatlan, Mexico

About a month ago, I went on a short get-away to Mazatlan, Mexico. One of the highlights was a mountain biking tour with Rudy Valdez. I think he calls his business Mazatlan Mountain Biking Tours but I am not sure. There were 4 of us cycling in total. Rudy and his colleague Mauricio picked me up at my hotel with an extra bike and all the equipment necessary including gloves and we biked northward towards the marina and Los Ceritos and then into the mountains.

Rudy was friendly and helpful. Most important, he was highly competent so even though the biking was challenging, I felt safe and never was at risk of falling. My wrist watch fell off right at the end and Mauricio noticed it and retrieved it for me which was so nice. The trip lasted about 4 hours which meant that I made it back to the Doubletree in time to catch the end of the delicious buffet breakfast! Rudy took some great photos which I am now posting here.

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