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Reform Judaism

Reform Judaism has been moving in two directions simultaneously--embracing more tradition and accepting new definitions of Jewish identity. Dana Kaplan has been a Reform rabbi since his ordination in Jerusalem in 1994 and has both studied and experienced this bidirectional change. In contrast to the current preoccupation with practical innovation, many of his writings have focused on theology. In a number of articles, Rabbi Kaplan has argued that the Reform Movement would benefit from a consistent approach to belief. He has also argued that making religious demands can be beneficial to religious organizations, and that liberal denominations that dispense with all requirements tend to have almost insurmountable difficulties in maintaining the loyalty of their adherents. Kaplan writes because he enjoys not only the process of putting ideas down on paper, but also thinking about contrasting conceptions of religion and how they might be reconciled. He has assembled here many of his writings on Reform Judaism. You will find he has an eclectic approach to religion and this manifests itself in how he understands Reform Judaism.

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