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Medellin Colombia Cycling in the Home of Pablo Escobar

Cycling with Medellin written in the background. I arrived here after cycling in Caberete, Dominican Republic. I flew fro Puerto Plata to Miami, then Bogota and finally Medellin. Medellín is the capital of the mountainous Antioquia province of Colombia. It is nicknamed the “City of Eternal Spring” for its temperate weather.

Cycling on the highway. I did not expect this but it worked out OK. We cycled southward as you can see on the Garmin map at the very bottom.

Bike lanes throughout the city.

This photo was taken later in my neighborhood, Manila which is part of El Poblado.

With my Cycling Guide, Yander.

I forgot to turn on my Garmin for about 1 hour or 10 miles. You are just going to have to believe me. So we did about 40 miles in 4 and a half hours, including a significant amount of uphill cycling -- it is Medellin after all, well-known for its mountains!

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