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Cycling to Boca de Yásica

Today we cycled to Boca de Yásica. The Yasica river meets the Atlantic ocean here, just outside Sabaneta, Dominican Republic. Following the Camino del Sol all the way to the end reaches the sandy beach, with its sand dunes, mangrove trees and coconut palms.

Many come here to take the river tour, practice kitesurfing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, river fishing, swimming or just enjoying the food and drinks at Wilson`s La Boca Restaurant.  The Islabon river tour is quite interesting, to watch the local flora, fauna and a small zoo at the end with alligators, iguanas, large spiders, snakes and other local species.

The Wilson restaurant is on the other side of the shore, with free boat shuttle. We arrived too early in the morning so there was no boat across the water.

Then we saw a cave in the woods.

You can swim or at least cool off in the cold water.

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