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  • Dana Evan Kaplan

The Kingston Trio/Wolf Pack/Banditos Go to a Dog Salon in Mobile

Skinny, Lily and Zach went to their first Dog Salon in Alabama.

The Kingston Trio/Wolf Pack/Banditos had a great time at a Dog Salon in Mobile. Here is Paws on Pinehill.

Skinny is taking a nap before his visit.

Our Scholar in Residence and his lovely wife taking the Kingston Trio for a walk around Midtown. We walked back and forth to the Temple Friday night and Saturday morning but without the dogs.

They love riding in the car.

Here we are sprinting around the parking lot of the Temple.

Mrs. Patricia Silverman, Director of Education at the Temple, shown with her dog Shayna on a Playdate with the Kingston Trio.

On the deck.

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