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Hurricane Matthew Almost Hit My Jamaican House!

Photo Credit: Samantha Ewan

Hurricane Matthew has now passed and left Jamaica almost as it found it.

I had to experience the whole thing from a distance and I was a little nervous for a while, but we survived. However, I feel terrible that Haiti suffered so much devastation.

The beach in front of my house was completely covered in water by the waves the day before the hurricane was supposed to strike.

I have a video which shows the water pouring into my backyard. That was thirty-six hours before the hurricane was supposed to strike. If the actual hurricane had made a direct hit on Jamaica, then the water only needed to go up a few more feet to soak my entire house. In other words, it came really close.

I was amazed at how the ocean could cover such a large beach. I guess the waters will recede again. Nature is truly amazing.

Here is the street side right after the hurricane threat receded.

Here is the beach side.

And one more.

I think it's not an accident that this all happened over the High Holy Days. We're trying to be good in order to be rewarded--not punished--and this certainly highlighted that need.

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