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Eugene Mitofsky directing Band in Hanukkah Medley 1998

As we celebrate Hanukkah, here is a clip from Eugene Mitofsky conducting his 100 student band in Chicagoland all the way back in 1998. It is amazing how much information he can transmit just by waving his arms! Happy Hanukkah!

Eugene writes that "Conducting is many things. Conductors control the speed of the piece. They also make sure that everyone is together on the down beats how you wave your arms will indicate the style abrupt or smooth, tranquil or agitated plus a lot of facial expressions to calm the players, sometimes keep them alert, sometimes to que them if they have a special entrance and also to balance the sound if you want the clarinet louder or the trumpets louder for example, conducting for the kids is a little different than conducting a professional symphony. Each piece of music will sound different, depending on the conductor."

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