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Cycling to Monkey Jungle

I arrived yesterday from Santo Domingo and was ready to go out cycling with Maximo bright and early.. This is on the way to Monkey Jungle.

This next photo is on the top of Monkey Jungle.. I wore sneakers rather than sandals at Maximo's request. Monkey Jungle is 9 km up El Choco Road. they have about 30 Capuchin monkeys.. Tourists come here for the seven-station zip line.. There is a panoramic view spanning over a 290 acre working farm. There is also a botanical garden and an ancient Taino cave you can descend into.

The entrance.

4 hours and 46 minutes including rest stops.

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Nan Corenthal Rubin
Nan Corenthal Rubin
Jun 09, 2023

This looks like a beautiful ride!

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