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Bogota Bike Tour!

After spending time in New Jersey as well as New York and Pennsylvania, I went to Bogota Colombia for cycling. I will try to give the highlights.

Bogota Bike Tours Day 1

Mike Caesar led the tour for my first day which covered most of the downtown and Central parts of Bogota. Mike is a retired journalist who covered South America for various newspapers and magazines and started this company in Bogota Colombia quite a few years ago. Their website is Here he is showing us a model of the Bogota topography.

Here is a map of the parts of Bogota that we covered. I think the tour lasted about 4 or 5 hours but we stopped a number of times.

We looked at quite a bit of graffiti art.

Here is another piece of wall art.

Bogota is fairly cold all year round and it rains frequently. It is not however the reverse seasons as the US so it is technically summer but I've never heard anyone refer to it as summer now because it's not summerish! It is an impressive city of about 10 million people, 1 million of whom are Venezuelan refugees.

Mostly we cycled so when we stopped, I would try to quickly get a few photos. I am not sure what building this is!

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Reva Litt
Reva Litt
Jun 26, 2021

Love the photos of your fantastic vacation. Bogota is a terrific places to see close up. Glad that you are having a wonderful change of pace.

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