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Larry M. Organizes Massive Tu B'Shvat Tree Planting at Temple

This past Sunday, Larry organized a Massive Tu B'Shvat Tree Planting at Temple!

First, we had a Tu B'Shvat Seder inside led by Mrs. Patricia S., Director of Education.

Then planting a;ll sorts of trees, including Satsumas, fig, apple, and many more.

Tu B’Shvat - “The Birthday of the Trees"

Reader: Tu B’Shevat in Hebrew means “the 15th Day of the Month of Shevat”. Tu B’Shvat symbolizes the connection between the Jewish people and their land, Israel. On this day, Jewish people around the world celebrate the Birthday of the Trees and we celebrate this day by planting trees of all kinds. Today, in Mobile, we gather to study, sing and celebrate the great miracle of the trees. The winter rains are ending, the air is warming up, sap is beginning to rise in the trees. We begin to see green buds peeking out on tree branches that lost their leaves this past fall season. When we see the trees being to bud, we feel the excitement that spring is coming.

Reader: Image our backyards, our playgrounds, our city and even our nation without any trees. Image, no fruit trees, no pine trees or oak trees.

Reader: No fruit trees! I would not have any orange juice to drink and no apple trees means no apple pop tarts.

Reader: No pine trees! I would not have any paper to do my homework on. I probably would not even have a home because most houses are built using wood from pine trees. Most of the furniture in my house, at my school and in our Chapel comes from oak trees.

Reader: Without trees, the birds would have no place to build their nest. There would be no shade from the hot sun. The grass would die and the earth would become a desert.

Reader: Our Jewish tradition of celebrating Tu B’Shvat, shows how important trees are to us, the animals and the land.

Reader: Trees of all kinds make the difference between an unfriendly desert and a welcoming beautiful place to play and live.

Reader: Tree of all kinds, everywhere in the world, provide animals and people with shelter, food and necessary materials God gave us to live successfully in His creation.

Reader: Let’s celebrate this day by having a Seder and by planting some new trees here at the Temple. In our Seder we will taste fruits and nuts that grow in Israel and learn what each one symbolizes to remind us of our Jewish heritage.

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