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Our Scholar In Residence Week with Rabbi David Frankel PhD is Coming Up!

Our Scholar In Residence Week with Rabbi David Frankel PhD is January 10th-14th. Rabbi Frankel is an engaging speaker and a fascinating fellow. He is American born, but has lived in Israel for more than 25 years and has many compelling stories to tell.

(Dr. Frankel, son Elad, daughter Avigayil)

Dr. Frankel has served as a senior lecturer in Bible at the Schechter Institutes of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem since 1992. He did his PhD in Bible at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem under Professor Moshe Weinfeld.

Here is David with his daughter Netanya, who is serving in the Israeli army--

Here is the schedule and a few photos.

"Who Really Wrote the Torah?"

Wednesday night at 530 PM

According to the dominant view of Jewish Tradition, Moses wrote the entire Torah from beginning to end at the verbal dictation of God himself. Critical scholarship has shown that this position cannot be defended. Who really authored the books of the Torah? The latest findings of historians have a surprising answer…

"Thirty Years of Life in the State of Israel"

Thursday night--Eastern Shore Leadership Event

I made Aliyah from the United States in 1987 as a single, young man full of idealism and enthusiasm. Thirty years later and a great deal wiser I love Israel just as much, but also recognize its hardships and shortcomings. In this talk I reflect on my variegated experiences with Israelis, both positive and negative – at the supermarket, playground and bank; through wars and terrorism, and through triumphs and disappointments both national and personal.

"When God fought the Monster of the Sea"

Friday night at Kabbalat Shabbat services 6 PM

Most people think that the Bible presents Israel’s God as the one and only supreme power. This is a gross oversimplification. In fact, the Bible is full of fascinating mythological stories about a great battle between the storm deity and deities and monsters of the Great Sea. Though these stories sound a lot like Greek myths, they are different in some important ways.

"What Actually Happened in the Garden of Eden?"

11 AM Special Joint Anniversary Service with Pensacola's Temple Beth El

1230 PM Lunch

130 PM Talk "What Actually Happened in the Garden of Eden?"

Was the serpent of Eden a kind of Satan? Were people originally meant to be naked? And why did God prohibit eating from the Tree of Knowledge? These and other mystifying questions about the story of the Garden of Eden will be explored – and a new interpretation of the story will be offered.

“Does the Hebrew Bible Foretell the Story of Jesus?"

Christian-Jewish Dialogue at 3 PM (after a snack)

Jewish-Christian Polemics in the Middle Ages. What are some of the classic arguments for a Christian reading of the Hebrew Bible? How did the Jews of the Middle Ages respond to these arguments? And how might Jews and Christians move beyond these polemics to a more fruitful form of dialogue today?

"Guitar Strumming Hebrew Songs" -- Sunday morning Western Shore and Mobile Leadership Event

David will play guitar and we do a bit of singing and eat pizza.

The Frankels will attend the opening of the Mobile Film Festival and then fly out the next morning.

Now a few photos from Israel--

Below is wife Michelle, daughter Abigayil, daughter Vimrat, and David

Below is son Elad, Abigayil daughter, wife Michelle and David

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