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  • Dana Evan Kaplan

Rich N., a Flooding Refugee from Naples, Florida, Temporarily in Mobile, Asks for Assistance With Th

My wife Sandy, two dogs and I are in Mobile until Sunday morning. We have an airbnb on Chatham Street.

This is Rich

If you know anyone that might be interested in watching our very friendly dogs it would give us a chance to enjoy some time together.

We have been cooped up since last Friday, first in Atlanta and then Clarksville TN. Sandy has been caring for me since I came home from rehab for a cerebral hemorrhage in June. I can't drive and have very little balance. We left my Dad in Naples in skilled nursing. He is okay.

I was in the first class of graduates from the original rabbinnic-aide program 1988. I founded a reform congregation in ColumbiaMD and again in Clinton NJ. I was in Torah Corps in 1967, worked at Kutz after that. I grew up at Camp Harlem.

Hope to get to Shabbat Friday. Let me know what you can do. 610.462.6477

My beautiful wife.

I had a cerebral hemorrhage in March. Finished rehab in June. Still have balance issues. Can't drive.

Sandy has saved my life.

Our house has no electric, water, sewer, A/C. We can't go back until those are restored. Sandy has a mold allergy. If things get moldy, we will not go back.

If you can dog sit, 610.462.6477 call/txt.

We are on Chatham St. If you can dog sit here.



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