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Our Retirement Blessing for Michael P.

We had a Retirement Blessing for Michael P. accompanied by his lovely wife Alicia at this past Friday Night services. It included several shofar blasts, provided by Jamie, Ed and Sarah. We had an overflow congregation of over 70 congregants.

The Airplane: An airplane represents the trajectory or momentum of plans, ideas, or projects that you wish to "get off the ground." It symbolizes all the amazing possibilities of change, of varied experience, of romance, business and discovery in life. The plane also suggests a change in your life, leaving your ordinary affairs behind and/or a journey into the unknown, into taking risks and perhaps making a move toward or away from an opportunity yet to be realized. To climb aboard a plane is to embark upon dramatic movement from one way of life to another – it is a powerful symbol of change.

As a pilot and proud owner of a 1937 Waco-YKS-7 biplane, I would like to present to you (airplane and certificate).

May God bless you on this new path.

May you enjoy the time and freedom which accompanies this next chapter of your life.

May you be blessed with health and contentment. May God protect you and comfort you. May all your prayers be answered.

Together we say. Amen.

From Priscilla GD and Susie F, the co-chairs of the Oneg Committee:

70 70 70 70 70 !!!!!!! 70 PEOPLE CAME!!!!! Most stayed to share, give and get support and linger. So that started the fun. Rabbi did an emotional/spiritual ceremony to assist Mike into retirement and then a wonderful lesson to help all of us learn an important prayer and Diane Garden read her poem about grief and spoke about her mother's recent death. By chance, quite a combination...........but powerful in recognizing life cycle events that need to be celebrated and recognized. Food of course was great. Diana volunteered to bring the main foods and brought challah, cookies and her signature cheese, Godiva chocolate, fruit and rosemary garnish platter. Being a good planner, she also brought an extra challah and cheese assortment. Susie brought the fun banner, table topper wishes and bucket list and table stars........the extras that made the party even more fun. This week we had Barry and Alicia in the kitchen schmearing cream cheese and making lox crudites. Gail came in with delicious blue cheese mini balls with pretzel picks. Priscilla made hummus with an olive herb topping garnish. Alicia brought 8 bottles of wine------only 1 1/2 bottles remain. Patricia back from Israel and Ofir put on the tablecloths and set the tables. Margaret (r2d2 on the email list) returned/yea!!!!!! with a wonderful platter of 'healthy' oatmeal raisin cookies. ONEGS--we continue to soar. Many thanks, Susie and Priscilla

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