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  • Dana Evan Kaplan

Chanukah Visit to Somberly Senior Living Center

Our entire religious school went out to visit our residents at Somerby Senior Living Center in West Mobile off of Grelot and Cody Road and performed a wonderful Chanukah play directed by our indefatigable Barry S.

Religious school principal Patricia S. said, “We did a great Mitzvah this morning. What a wonderful time we had at Somerby! The room was full with excitement of both the children and the residents and the children performed their roles as Chanukah candles perfectly. It was an enjoyable morning for all and those of you who missed it will have the chance to watch the skit on Friday, December 16 at our Chanukah service. I'm so proud of you all!”

Patricia S. found Mitzvah Day T-shirts from several years ago that had been stored away, which you can see in the photos.

Then, Seth T. led all of our children in singing a number of Chanukah songs.

That same evening, we had a special trampoline party sponsored by Camp Jacobs of Utica, Mississippi, which was planned at the very last minute. I guess everybody likes trampolines because we got a pretty good turnout.

Photos credit: Howard S.

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