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Patricia Silverman, Director of the Religious School

Patricia Silverman is our director of education at the Springhill Avenue Temple. She and her husband, Howard, were among the people who greeted me so warmly upon my first arrival in Mobile in July 2015. They live in a big house that was built in 1876 in downtown Mobile. The house originally was located downtown, but it was moved by a previous owner to Old Shell Road--in what was then the suburbs--in 1950. She was born in Cuba and came to the United States in August of 1960 when she was nine years old, fleeing the Castro Revolution. Her father had left Cuba already. She is a mother and grandmother. She came to Mobile about eight years ago with her husband, Howard, who everybody calls Zadie--which means grandfather in Yiddish. They became members of the Springhill Avenue Temple. Howard is chair of the House Committee at the Temple and, as chair, he has responsibility of the physical plant.

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