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Interfaith Service

Recently, there's been a lot of violence in society. Several religious leaders got together and we decided to have a service to pray for peace. Organized by the Reverend Dr. George Sinclair of the Government Street Presbyterian Church, the service was also led by the Reverend Trey Doyle of the First Baptist Church and the Reverend Beverly Gibson of Christ Church Cathedral. We each offered a prayer:

“Wisdom for public officials, safety for those who serve and protect, peace for all people,” said. Reverend Dr. George Sinclair.

“May you see fit to bless your people at all times at every hour with your peace,” said Rabbi Dana Kaplan.

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good,” said Reverend Trey Doyle.

“Help us in the mist of our struggles for justice and truth to confront, without hatred or bitterness,” said Reverend Beverly Gibson.

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