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The 23 Statues of Botero Plaza

I passed by Botero Plaza on the way to the museum. The Museum of Antioquia is located in the center of Medellín on the Plaza Botero near the Berrío Park metro station. Visiting it was a nice change from more athletic activities. It houses many works by Fernando Botero but the museum forbids photographs of his work, which of course makes tourists angry!

This museum is right in front of the iconic Plaza Botero, where the 23 statues of “Gordas de Botero” are displayed outside.. So it was easy to photograph a few of the stautes as well as other works by the famous Colombian artist known for his bizarre human images.

Here’s a list of the figures in Plaza Botero:

  • Maternity

  • Woman with fruit

  • Woman with mirror

  • Walking man

  • Sit woman

  • Reclining woman

  • Man on Horse

  • Roman soldier

  • Dressed man

  • Hand

  • Head

  • Thought

  • Adam

  • Eve

  • Horse

  • Dog

  • Cat

  • Sphinx

  • Abduction of Europe

  • Horse with bridle

  • Dressed woman

  • Dressed man

  • Venus dominates

A painting:

This one is in Germany:

2 statues inside the museum. Don't tell them I photographed them!

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