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4 Unidentified Animals block our path... What are they?

Today -- Monday June 20th 2022 -- we went hiking in The Nahal Kaziv and Monfort Fortress trail. In Hebrew, נחל כזיב ומבצר מונפורט. After a long hike, we encountered 4 small animals who refused to clear a path for us. What are they???

They laid on the rocks and glared at us. The one in the front was particularly bold.

The Nahal Kaziv (נחל כזיב ומבצר מונפורט) and Monfort Fortress trail is one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Israel. There is Nahal Kaziv which is a flowing river at the bottom. We unforunately did not reach that far. We did see the Crusader fort, which was so impressive and brought back all sorts of historical memories.

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