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I was a Half Block from the Mardi Gras shooting Last Night!

I was sitting at a table outside OK Bicycle Shop last night with a friend when I suddenly heard 3 shots fired and then saw about 20 people run hysterically towards us and past us in Dauphin Street. When i listened to the tape that someone in the bar/restaurant made, it seems like there were 5 shots, a slight pause, and then 4 more shots. we quickly went inside just as a precaution but there were no more shots.

WALA reports that two teens have been arrested by the Mobile Police Department after two people, including a 7-year-old child, were wounded in a shooting in Downtown Mobile Saturday night following a Mardi Gras parade.

"Through the continuing investigating efforts, officers located and arrested a second suspect involved in this incident," MPD Public Information Officer Cpl. LaBerrick DuBose announce Sunday afternoon. That second suspect is 17-year-old Tykendrick Barnett. Earlier, police also arrested 17-year-old Isiah Carl. Each is charged with two counts of assault, as well as several other charges. Mobile Police confirmed to FOX10 News the gun used in the shooting was stolen.

Witnesses told FOX10 News the shots were fired around 9 p.m. near Government Street and Dearborn Street. Mobile Fire-Rescue said personnel treated two people with gunshot wounds. Police said the 7-year-old girl was wounded in the leg. The child was taken to University Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The second victim is a 17-year-old male. Mobile Fire-Rescue said the teen's arm was grazed with a bullet and that he was treated at the scene.

A video sent to FOX10 News shows the moments the shots were fired. The video shows several people eating outdoors at a restaurant and jumping to the ground when several gunshots are fired.

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