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Our Wonderful Second Night Seder

Some events just have a positive synergy and this Seder was one of them--an inspiring Hagaddah with readings from many of the participants, friendly companionship, great food, and beautiful song.

The music for this year's seder was provided by our Congregational Choir Director, Mrs. Charmein Moser, who played the piano, and Ms. Anne Zelnicker, who led the singing. All the traditional Passover songs were sung, including Ha Lachma Anya (This Is The Bread of Affliction,) Mah Nishtanah, (The Four Questions,) Eliyahu Ha Navi, and Adir Hu. Seder participants chimed in mightily with Dayenu, Who Knows One? and Chad Gadya. Charmein adds that "Anne , of course was our chanteuse, gifted with the patter talents of a Gilbert and Sullivan heroine. Emily Fink, Steve Prager and Leonard Wells were our voices in stereo."

The event was catered by Andree's Restaurant of Fairhope. Kay, Dee, and Mary Grace came over to help run the kitchen. Food was hot, tasty and on-time. The brisket was particular delicious!

Priscilla, Gail, Alicia, Susie and many others did so much to pull the Seder together (full list below). A nice mix of long time members and new people, including three Medical students, including our member Aaron D.

Our head table is in the photo below. The Kosher wine was sweet! My kippah was a gift from a visitor who had recently been to Cuba.

Here is a note from Priscilla:

Last night we had a wonderful Second Night Passover Celebration and dinner under the guidance of Rabbi Kaplan who kept the evening spiritual, historical and lively. Many congregants go to a first night Seder, many to none, so having a second night will become unique to our reform tradition and hopefully traditional to our Temple from now on.

Last night was a great first run and this is a thank you to all who made it happen!You know in restaurants there is the terminology-'The Front of the House' and 'The Back of the House.' The Rabbi and guests took care of the Front of the House and the congregants below took care of making it all happen. That's what the 'Back of the House' does.

Kudos and recognition that none of this event could have taken place without the wonderful deeds and gifts, of the people below, some who helped knowing they would not be able to attend.Alicia - Coming early, handling the last minute extras, buying the wine and welcoming guests, waiting tables and closing up. Michael P. - Delivering the wine, closing up, and then driving me home because I lost my car keys!!!! Leslie Miller -Baking Cashew Butter Cookies and Mandlebrot! Eileen Susman – Matzoh- she purchased the symbol of Passover for us. Tess Scott, Sharon Sokol, Gail Chadwick - setting the beautiful table -you know that means..... getting out 100's and 100's of ............

Patricia Silverman and special guest this week, -Ofir Rozenberg - adding extra ideas to the table setting, switching plates, re arranging settings....wonderful touches. Tess Scott-our newest friend, made the astonishing arrangements from found and bought flowers. Susie Broos-took the reservations, designed the seating booklet, made the seating cards and arrangements. I send her half of an idea and she sends back an email....”Just send me the whole plan at once please!” Then she takes the idea and makes it happen! And that's how the Place Cards got done!!! Dianna Kubat -Put our event reservations online and welcomed everyone!

Sandra Gandler Nancy Brown Charoset—do you know how many apples are cored and chopped?Then 10 more are added, just in case. Amy Friedlander, Elaine Holberg - Wonderful, fluffy, plentiful Matzoh Balls, the international icon and essential food of Passover. Kay -Caterer and Team Andree's - the most efficient cheerful and helpful team, serving delicious food and helping us so much.Gail Chadwick - Adding Real Chopped liver- we served seconds and could sell it!

Jonathan Fratkin- Gefilte fish—no he didn't make it—but he plated it and got it to each table. Maude Patterson- Brought the boiled peeled eggs to us the day before so we could plate them early. It's only a two hour drive to do that!!!! Steve Mulfelder - Our greeter and door guard, the first wonderful face everyone sees when entering the Springhill Avenue Temple!The Religious School -shared their chicken legs aka shank bones for the Seder Plates. IT TAKES A CONGREGATION TO MAKE A SEDER!

Christine found the afikomin!

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