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Large Alligator Comes to Visit (and Disrupt Traffic) on Dauphin Street in Downtown Mobile

Caught! Photo credit: reported that the Mobile Police Department is reporting that an alligator has been spotted in downtown Mobile on Friday afternoon and causing minor traffic delays. The alligator is sitting stationary at the intersection until it can be captured by animal control officials.

The alligator, that is about 10 to 15 feet in length, appeared around 5:15 p.m. when it emerged from a set of bushes near the intersection. MPD Spokesman Donald Wallace confirmed the alligator sighting and said officers are waiting for it to move from its' location at the intersection of Dauphin Street and Water Street.

There are warnings throughout Mobile to be careful of alligators.

Photo Credit: Michael P.

Photo Credit: Alan H.

An MPD officer attempted to scare the alligator back into the bushes with the headlights and sirens from his patrol car and it worked temporarily.

Is this the eye of a crocodile or an alligator? Can you see the difference?

The resolution was peaceful. Wallace said that as of 5:50 p.m. the alligator emerged once again from the bushes and animal control has been notified. Traffic in the northbound direction on Water Street is experiencing minor delays due to the right lane being blocked until the alligator can be safely removed. No injuries have been reported in relation to the alligator sighting. Finally, Mobile Fire-Rescue crews from Engine 3 and Rescue 3 at Central Station and Engine 2 at Willett Station were able to corral the large alligator just before 7:00 p.m. He has been warned not to disrupt traffic again.

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