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James Bowley A Hit as Scholar In Residence

Professor James Bowley of Millsap College was our Fran & Paul Brown Scholar-in-Residence on the weekend of March 24th! Here is the Havdalah ceremony Saturday night before the second talk, "The Effects of the Dead Sea Scrolls on judaism and Christianity."

Dr. James E. Bowley, considered one of the leading experts on the Dead Sea Scrolls, spoke with great charm and poise, as well as scholarship. His Friday night talk was on "What is Old and New with the Dead Sea Scrolls?"

James E. Bowley, E.B. Stewart Family Chair of Language and Literature, is Chair and Professor of Religious Studies at Millsaps College. He received his Ph. D in Hebrew Studies from Hebrew Union College (1992), where I studied for the rabbinate. Dr. Bowley is one of the three editors of the Dead Sea Scrolls concordance project, along with Martin Abegg, Jr. and Edward Cook. Dr. Bowley is also involved in interfaith activities.

Dr. Bowley's research and publishing focus on the Jewish literature of the Greco-Roman World and the cultural interactions among Jews, Greeks, and later Christians, and the use of written and oral traditions in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic communities. He brought many "show and tell" items which were interesting to see.

Here I am with Sue and Michael Brown, the children of Fran and Paul. Sue came in from New York and Michael lives here in Mobile.

Barry F. made a delicious challah for the occasion. Susie F. writes: Here are pictures from the event following the Havdalah Service and Dr. Bowley's presentation. I put in the picture of the Mogen David Challah, as it was braided. Wow.Again, this was a lovely event, with delicious food, tea lights, and happy attendees.

The result:

Priscilla writes--We Did It Again! We put out a beautifully assembled melange of foods that amazed everyone. We just know how to do it right. Some wild purple wisteria, an amazing spinach dip by ALICIA, the perfect hot artichoke dip by GAIL, hot chicken wings by MARGARET, the most gorgeous huge round challah by BARRY, a delicious themed chocolate & date cake by FLO, and dried fruit assortment by SUSIE, I was proud of my first puff pastry wrapped brie and all made a great meze. There were store bought foods. People are so clever and left those alone! OFIR & PATRICIA came early, cut flowers and set the table with ALICIA. Tonight there will be more dips, TERRI is bringing olive stuffed cream cheese bites, SANDRA has made wonderful lemon squares, MARGARET gluten free-sugar free oatmeal cookies and BARRY promises another wonder challah. Susie will light tea lights. Everyone chips in time, food, creative ideas and it all comes together into a perfect event. -- Priscilla Gold-Darby

Our scholar is continuing his research.

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