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Building a Giant Menorah

Last year for Hanukkah, we were hoping to be part of the Jewish community’s lighting of the menorah at Bienville Square. Things did not work out. I was pretty shocked at what happened. So we needed a Plan B.

Howard S. and I decided to build our own menorah and celebrate in front of the Temple. Howard built a beautiful Chanukiah! Copper tubing and assorted fittings were used to construct the arms of the menorah, which are attached to a very heavy piece of wood. All the fittings are silver-brazed.

The menorah is assembled on a six-by-six frame to support everything. The menorah weighs about ninety pounds. It is eight feet wide and five feet tall.

The menorah has been stored in my office for many months, but it’s bigger than I had expected. I’ve almost decapitated myself a few times, so we’ve talked about moving it to the stage. A number of weeks ago, we actually moved it. Tomorrow, we will take it outside and light it!

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