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  • Dana Evan Kaplan

A Baby Shower Oneg for Cindy and Ben B.

Photo Credit: Shirley B

There was no prayer that we could find but I created a nice prayer based on material from the new Rabbi’s Manual which I was able to adapt for Cindy and Ben.

Photo Credit: Susie F


As you, Cindy and Ben, prepare to bring your first child into the world, we ask God to bless you with all that is good and loving. May the one who blessed Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; Sarah, Rebecca, and Leah, bless you Cindy during your pregnancy and give both of you, Ben as well as Cindy, the strength and vigor that you will need to nurture your newborn child to be.

Every person born into this world represents something new, something that never existed before, something original and unique. It is up to us to know and recognize that his new person is unique in the world, a singular character and personality, and that there has never been anyone like this child before – for if there had been, there would have been no need for this new life to be in the world.

Every child comes into the world with a message: that God is not discouraged with us. For with every child comes the hope for new possibilities. Every child brings fresh energy into the world for greater fulfillment and purpose to all he lives that surround it. Each new soul is testimony to our conviction that we still believe that life is good, that life is worthwhile. The hope is here. That hope is our celebration, as we give that hope a new name.

Makor ha hachim, O source of life, our dear God, with love may you bring forth their newborn to be and with love may you entrust their child to Ben and Cindy’s care.

May they learn to cherish your precious and tender gift. We praise and thank you Adoni, the giver of all life. Amen.

Photo Credit: Susie F

Priscilla describes the Baby Shower:

Hi Everyone, Thanks for all you did to make last Friday night a special event for Cindy and Ben and also start a new tradition- or actually bring back an old one- of celebrating life events at the Temple! There was a lot of love in the room for Ben and Cindy, people stayed to eat up all the food, drink up all the wine and talk for a long time. A big shout out to: Jamie and Iris for coordinating this event! Wasn't their idea to have an ice cream tower with mini spoons the bomb? Alicia for bringing the wine and connecting with Carol to bring her gorgeous shocking pink tablecloths to the Temple, then taking them home to wash before returning them to Carol! And did you see the Pink Iced Cupcakes Carol made to match the tablecloths? Margaret, our committee's newest member, baked an Apple Cake and brought a Chicken Filled Cheese Ball! WELCOME Patricia came to set up and baked pumpkin muffins. Barry for making the biggest & best Double Decker Challah ever-- topped off with PINK icing dots by Susie! Barry and Susie also supplied the mints- "you can't have a baby shower without MINTS!" Gail's Cannolli with the cutest pink baby toothpicks was the first to be gone.......! I know you all did a lot more and apologies for leaving anyone or any deed unnoticed. We are a great committee, getting the show on the road every week and bringing Temple members together. All my thanks, Priscilla

Photo Credit: Susie F

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