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Snow In Mobile December 8th Friday Night After Kabbalat Shabbat!

Snow fell In Mobile December 8th Friday Night After Kabbalat Shabbat services. It was still there the next day in the light.

How weird is snow in Mobile? Well, Friday night's snow set a record

By Jared Boyd

Mobile and its surrounding areas got an unusual snow-white makeover late Friday night. Although, the dusty precipitate may be melting away with the morning sun, the snow may have left a lasting impression on our local record books.

According Cody Lindsey, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Mobile, Friday night's snow set a record for the most snow to hit the ground for December 8 in the area, with one whole inch on the ground.

The old record was only a trace amount of snow on December 8, 1942. Local NWS records date back to 1842.

Lindsey says preliminary numbers were tallied late Friday night, but recorded snowfall is being measured throughout the state. Most counties who got snow yesterday are hovering around two inches, at the most. But, one report in Gilbertown in Choctaw County, points toward an alleged outlier of five inches, Lindsey says.

Numbers aside, Alabamians across the state took to social media to share their collective glee regarding the uncommon Southern snowfall. For many Facebook, Instagram and Twitter users in Mobile and Baldwin counties entire timelines were filled with the white stuff.

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